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Józef's son opened an caps and hats atelier. Expanded on his dad's men's only products by adding women's collection. Sales grew accordingly.


Józef's son opened an caps and hats atelier. Expanded on his dad's men's only products by adding women's collection. Sales grew accordingly.


Stanislaw's sons worked on expanding products portfolio as well as establishing new markets and became a third generation of TuTu family.


Year 2003 became a pivotal year in ur history. We came up with a TuTu name for a whole range of kids products. During these 10 years we started to export our hats to over 30 countries around the world. During these years we started to make a brand new collections for winter and summer every single year. Each collection consist of over 200 designs! Our brand becomes more recognisable. You can find our products in US, UK, Western Europe, Eastern Europe and even in the furthest parts of Siberia.


We've integrated all aspects of sales and production. Introducing different collections aimed at different markets and price-points: TuTu basic, TuTu Sybir, TuTu Unique. We've innovated a bunch of things some are unmatched by our competition up to this day.


Decline in sales in Russia forces us to re-shift our focus on other markets. We've changed our designs and changed the way we manage our business. New products and ideas are implemented faster than ever before. Hot summers inspire us to create products which are not only nice looking but help protect your children. Caps and hats with UV filters protecting not only head but the neck as well became a must have vacation accessory


TMC TuTu Mafia Caps is born. Our customers are older now, teenagers looking for something new and wild. TMC fits that bill perfectly. You can buy our products in sporting goods stores now. Riding on TMS wave we're introducing fall/winter caps with photo-prints. Now our customers can design their own caps.


In Poland, Germany, Russia, Canada we've shortened a lead time to 3 days. 15,000 products available at any time, with no logistical minimums, all with full marketing support, became our main focus..


Major brands from Wester Europe and Russia entrusted us to manufacture products for them. It became an important part of our business. We're introducing Kalvik - highest quality merino wool thermal underwear for kids from 1 to 14 years old. We're starting to acquire a few other companies.


Inexpensive but high quality moisture-wicking caps became popular with marketing agencies. Together with Japan-based company we're working on On TuTu Coolbit a new product which, but it's hush hush for now...


Super quality breathable organic wool products
- TuTu answer for upcoming winter Check out our collections


2021 We treat as a challenge year. We are closer to nature than ever - by creating hats from natural wool and cotton fibers. We're using a recycling cardboard for tags and hooks and plastic recovered from the oceans on our packaging. For 2021 we simplified our designs and minimised decorations, we're left with beautiful simple and practical collection. 2021 is a hard year for everyone, with COVID-19 pandemic. Regardless we're still advancing further.


2022 - our planet is a playground for children full of energy, for whom we care and for which we take responsibility. Tutu products are 100% biodegradable! The plastic bags in which we pack the product, so that it safely reaches you, come from plastic taken from the oceans. We are introducing the BIO & FAIR policy - follow us and you will learn more about it. New - the tutu innovation department has developed a new collection of caps made of Polish, natural linen and a cotton lining with silver ions. This fabric set is antiallergic, has anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. Search for collections - Linen by tutu. The economic changes that take place in the world of international trade and cooperation have prompted us to raise the standard of customer service. Thanks to the new system of 2D and 3D photography and video files, we are even closer to you.


New in 2023!
Patented models of TuTu hats are now on sale!
Our ideas turned out to be successful and the customers liked it. Select models are now registered as industrial designs.
Now only at TuTu you can buy hoods that will provide comfort and warmth to your child in any weather.
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2024 is a year of news at TuTu. We promote our waterproof clothing. Scandinavian countries inspire us not only with the highest level of education, but also with the number of hours children spend outdoors, regardless of the weather. In our waterproof clothing, children can confidently play in the rain and mud, walk in the forest or participate in other activities, being fully protected against getting wet. Just wipe any dirt from playing with a damp cloth and you're done. Try it yourself! Let TuTu waterproof clothing be your discovery in 2024.

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